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Edition of 2002-09-06 of the newspaper La Broye
Author: Donatella Del Vecchio

Edition of 2002-08-30 of the newspaper La Libert
Author: Carole Pantet

Edition of 2002-09-05 of the newspaper Le rpublicain
Author: VBF

Edition of 2006-01-28 of the newspaper La libert
Author: MDL


Affiche "Eaux et Lumières"

Affiche "Eaux en couleurs"

Affiche "Europ'Art Genve 2006"

Flyer "art forum montreux" 2007

Portfolio in Art Forum Montreux 2007

Flyer "Abstract Photography" UPU 2007

Flyer "Altered States of Reality" 2010

Invitation "Altered States of Reality" 2010

Presentation "Altered States of Reality" 2010

My portfolio

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